How can you Pay?

We accept Discover, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and US Express payments. Our SSL Certificate is utilized to create a safe platform to ensure your optimum security of payment for our clients. When the order has been placed online, you will have to provide the card number and leave everything else on the SSL layer page. Since we do not accept checks or cash, the only form of payment is a credit card and PayPal.

Price Tag and values:

The items on the Site are subject to changes in prices and availability unnotified. When identified, mistakes will be rectified. Our Website contains many items, and it is always possible that some of the products featured on our Website may not be adequately priced despite our best efforts.

Free Shipping worldwide:

We guarantee global free shipment since the buyer is the leading choice. Multiple websites sell goods with delivery expenses. However, we go a step forward and provide free delivery. No matter what size or specifications you choose, we do not differentiate between them.

Cancellation of the Order:

The customer should contact support for cancellation requests within 2 – 3 days after placing a purchase.  If the order is shipped or is at your country’s customs, it cannot be canceled, and only accept the item and return it is a choice in this situation.

User Confidence:

All registered users should maintain the confidentiality of their separate accounts. The registration of individuals under the age of 18 as a user of this Website is forbidden, and the usage of that Website is not authorized.

Countries We Do Not Ship:

Dedication is our moniker, and we constantly improve on this. Following international law sanctions, even if we focus on global populism, some countries are removed. Besides, no matter what the conditions are, we also do not ship to Israel.

Order’s Acceptance and Rejection:

theusajacket may reject or approve your orderin a given scenario. When ordering on the Internet, the questions that are required for order processing must be answered.